Thursday, November 03, 2011

I'm Starting to Have My Doubts, Herman

I really like Cain, but I'm thinking that he might not be the man we need. I'm not deserting him yet, completely, but I'm fraught with doubt.

No, it has nothing to do with these sexual harassment charges per se, I think they're likely bunk. The fact that they're coming out now, after 20 years, has all the fingerprints of a dirty trick. Alas, he has handled this crises poorly, to say he least, he should have gotten out in front of this and controlled the narrative, instead, he's reacting daily as the story unfolds, drip by drip. Poorly done.

It has to do with a disturbing amount of foreign policy gaffes and, I hate to say it, lack of basic knowledge. He often looks lost when discussing foreign policy, he's getting better and his stance on Israel is perfect, but the fact that he's a complete novice in this area is painfully obvious,

Then there's 999. I'm completely behind this, to a point. The sticking point for me is the 9% sales tax. I could be convinced, but my gut reaction is negative.

He's so personally endearing that I really want to support him, but it's getting difficult. There's only so much one can write off when considering a man for the presidency.

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