Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Is He Toast, or Can He Recover?

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I've said he's toast (yesterday, as it happens) but I may, or may not have been premature. I don't predict the future, I'm doing good to understand the present.

It seems the "Cain scandal" is still going full tilt boogie with no signs of relenting (there seems to be a new woman I haven't seen yet this morning). Forgive my noticing, but they all seem to be blond, white women. They (who the hell is "they", anyway) seem to be playing on an age-old prejudice.

Then there's the possibility that it's all true. Cain DID give a convincing presser yesterday during which he UNEQUIVOCALLY denied ANY impropriety. No weasel words to be found. The women, on the other hand, aren't exactly paragons of virtue. Before you say that "they're not on trial here", they actually are. They've chosen to step into the arena, so all's fair.

I've been critical of Cain's handling, as well as his staff's handling of this whole, excuse the word, affair. It's been atrocious. What happened yesterday should have happen a week ago, at least. I know he likes to say he's not a politician, but he's running for president so that makes him, by definition a politician. He should get a staff, a real one, that can handle these situations. I'm also highly critical of his serial blaming of everyone in sight - get some proof and hit 'em with both barrels. Until then, SHUT UP!

I find it curious that none of this surfaced when he ran for the Senate. Not a word. Now the bimbos are blossoming like "madness in the Spring" (to borrow a line from Jethro Tull).

It's difficult to shake the suspicion that someone's behind this, it's too orchestrated and it happened just as Cain achieved "front runner" status. That's why this will still take some time to play out. I doubt if it was a Republican opponant; at this stage of the game, to be found out would be suicide. Obama? He cut his political teeth in Chicago, where dirty tricks and dirty money are the mother's milk of dirty politics. If he is responsible, we'll likely never know for sure. He's too smart to allow it to be traced back to him....probably. I've over estimated his prowess before.

Alas, guilty or innocent, every minute spent on discussing the "Cain Scandal" diminishes his stature. Isn't my writing about it doing the very thing I criticize? Yes, but allowing the media to control the narrative will assure Cain's demise. If there's no "there" there, then that has to be shouted from the rooftops.

It's incumbent upon the accuser to provide evidence, but all I've seen forthcoming is innuendo, and stale innuendo at that. Is that enough to sink Cain's candidacy? YES IT IS. If you disagree, you just haven't been listening.

He's tentatively agreed to a polygraph; good theater but tricky science. I wouldn't gamble my life on one unless I had no other choice.

Alas, Cain has no choice but to ride this thing out, continue his unequivocal denials and education of the American people about what happened - and what didn't happen. DON'T trot out the wife! It's about HIM, don't put her in that position.

What he needs is an honest investigative reporter to get to the bottom of these nebulous "accusations" that have suddenly materialized from thin air. Excepting God Himself, everything has a beginning and a reason; that beginning needs to be uncovered as does the reasoning behind these charges. A guy doesn't grab your thigh 15-20 years ago and you decide one day to ruin his life. I don't find that credible, or even particularly sane.

This isn't over, and that's VERY bad news for Cain. Every news story about him begins with the "scandal". Yes, I understand his fundraising has gone through the ceiling, but credibility with ALL of the American people is at stake here, not just Cain's supporters. In the short run, it may galvanize support, but in the long run we just don't need another president with even the shadow of a "horn dog past" hovering over him. Been there, done that.

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