Friday, July 08, 2005

Ignorance Masquerading as Intellectualism

I came across this website, which is essentially a "one stop shop" for many Bush hatred and America self-loathing websites and blogs where literally thousands of leftist dim bulbs string together in an attempt at enlightenment. Their attempt is unsuccessful and odious in the extreme.

A common theme among the frothing leftist cretins is their endless use of the word "Nazi" and "Gulag" and tedious comparisons of Bush to Hitler. If it were not so destructive, it would be comical. These people have no sense of history and in using these words incessantly, they diminish the horror of the holocaust as well as life in the actual gulags. Disgraceful does not even begin to describe it. The fact that these themes have started to find their way into statements made by persons heretofore considered "moderate" and "mainstream" underscores a disturbing gap in their knowledge of history as well as a serious deficiency in their language skills.

What is indeed curious is the fact that the left has a less than stellar record in recognizing, let alone defeating, many of the ideologies they are so fond of evoking.

The left is especially fond of calling every conservative with whom they disagree a "Nazi" as though they have a special understanding of its meaning. Exactly what did the left's patron saint, Franklin Roosevelt, do to stop the persecution of Jews in Europe which was well underway years before we entered the war? Where was the outcry for their human rights? Was FDR not aware of Hitler's plans for Europe's Jews? I don't know how he could not have been. In all fairness, at that time both the left as well as the right were isolationist mode and were in no mood for foreign adventures. It would seem though, that FDR would have at least tried to extol the horrors that were unfolding in Europe in an attempt to garner support for action. Would that not have been sound leadership? The fact is that the U.S. was very late to the game and Great Britain was hanging by a thread in their single-handed effort to resist being over-run by Germany. It was only after the attack at Pearl Harbor that the U.S. entered the European war. By the time we arrived in Europe, countless Jews and Eastern Europeans had already been exterminated.

When the Soviet Union's actual gulags were operating at full steam, was the left wing in this country? Were they out in the street, protesting the the mass murder of tens of millions of Soviet citizens? Were they out shouting about the human rights of the tens of millions of people who suffered and died as a result of the Soviet regime? Well, no. In actuality, they were singing the praises of Soviet communism and doing their best to import it to this country. Stalin recognized the value of these people so much that he even had a name for them; "useful idiots."

The left wing in this country is also very proud of our defeat in Vietnam and our withdrawal from Southeast Asia. So proud, in fact, that virtually every war they want us out of (which is pretty much all of them) is characterized as "another Vietnam." When Dick Durbin evokes the specter of Pol Pot, does he not realize that our withdrawal from Southeast Asia created the vacuum that enabled Pol Pot to exterminate two million people, roughly 1/3 of the population of Cambodia?
The sad truth of the matter is, they would now have us do the same thing in Iraq, and the results would be much the same.

As these leftist morons ruminate about the "horrors" within the fences at Guantanamo Bay, why are they so blind as to the actual gulag outside the fences in Cuba? Not only are they silent about Castro's murderous regime, they regularly dine with him and sing the praises of the "worker's paradise."

Where is the leftist outrage over Robert Mugabe and the countless other murderous thugs who seem to control much of Africa? All I hear is criticism of America for not throwing billions more dollars on top of the billions that have already been stolen by these tyrants at the expense of their suffering people.

We hear much of the figure of "100,000 Iraqis killed" in the current Iraq war (a dubious figure at best and an outright fabrication at worst), but why are they silent about the hundreds of thousands who were unceremoniously murdered by Saddam and buried in shallow, unmarked graves? Who speaks for their human rights?

The childish cooptation of these powerful words dishonors the memories of the hundreds of millions of people who died at the hands of history's most despicable monsters. Their selective outrage has succeeded in actually enabling many of these monsters.

The utter ignorance of these self-described "intellectuals" is as breathtaking as it is dangerous.

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