Sunday, July 17, 2005

Chirac, Koizumi and Blair at G8 Summit Posted by Picasa

I love this picture. Chirac appears to be making some point, while Blair is doing a poor job of masking his enmity. Granted, pictures can be deceiving and photos such as this lend themselves to interpretation, but given Chirac's recent need to trash the Brits in order to prop up his sagging poularity, it may not be too much of a stretch.

Oh, and Koizumi looks as though he may be catching a nap. On the subject of Koizumi, here's his official website. He's really a pretty interesting fellow and while I understand very little (actually nothing) about Japanese politics, I have formed a pretty good opinion of him. There's a section of the website under his profile called "ideals" which give you a thumbnail sketch of his philosophy and historical figures that he admires and he names Churchill among them.

Another interesting fact, the English translation for his last name, "Koizumi" is "the dude with the hair." Sorry, just kidding. I couldn't resist.

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