Wednesday, July 20, 2005


President Bush has finally had the opportunity to nominate a Justice to the Supreme Court and from all accounts he's quite a pick. Conservatives whose opinions I respect and who know far more of such things than I are elated and I will defer to their judgement.

Once again, Bush had played his hand deftly and has left the "Bush-Chimp is an idiot" crowd scratching their heads as to their next move.

I have no doubt that the moonbat left will leave no stone unturned in their effort to sully this man's reputation and portray him as a drooling, right-wing knuckle dragger, intent on the very destruction of the republic, but that's pretty much a given. They would have been similarly seething had Bush picked Solomon himself. Their efforts will be for naught and will reveal them as the petty, partisan hacks that they are.

Unless he's shown to be running a kiddie-porn crack house in his basement, he will be confirmed by a wide margin.

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