Friday, July 08, 2005

THE SUN RISES IN LONDON....... Posted by Picasa

..........and unfortunately, so does the death toll from yesterday's attack, now over 50 and expected to go still higher. The British people have thus far shown impressive resilience, exhibiting that stoicism that is so typically British. Alas, they are a people who are used to such things, from incessant bombings from the air during the Battle of Britain to the regular bombings from the ground during the decades long pestilence of the IRA.

I would hope that the "stiff upper lip" attitude that defines the British national character will not falter in the face of the Islamist threat. Shamefully, Spain simply capitulated after the Madrid bombings which probably emboldened these bastards to try their hand in London. As our cousins accross the pond would say, "not bloody likely."

I have every confidence that the British reaction will not be one of cowardly prostration before these savages as was Spain's. The contrast will be stark and will not only highlight the character of Great Britain, but Spain's lack thereof.

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