Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I hate to laugh at others' misfortune, but…….

….this is hilarious.  Sad, but hilarious!  Lest you think this is parody, it's not.
Zimbabwe Is Down to Its Last $217 
There are cash-strapped governments and there are broke governments. And then there's Zimbabwe, which, after paying last week's government salaries, has just $217 left in the bank. No, we didn't forget any zeroes to the end of that figure. Zimbabwe, the country that's home to some of the world's largest plutonium and diamond reserves, literally has the same financial standing as a 14-year-old girl after a really good birthday party. The country's finance minister admitted as much in a press conference on Tuesday. "Last week when we paid civil servants there was $217 [left] in government coffers," Tendai Biti told reporters. "The government finances are in paralysis state at the present moment. We are failing to meet our targets."
Later today, you'll likely see them ahead of you in the convenience store buying Malt Liquor, Cheetos and a stack of scratch-off lottery tickets.

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