Friday, January 11, 2013

Gun Control And The Question Of Motivation

"Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg
Both crime and murder are down by nearly half in the last 20 years, while gun ownership is up by half, yet the liberals are frantic to enact sweeping gun restrictions as though impending doom will surely consume us if it’s not done immediately.
The fervor with which they are selling “gun control” of late should give even non- gun owning “moderates” pause.
Even if one discounts that this is part of a pernicious and wide-ranging conspiracy on the Left to “disarm and oppress”, It’s hard to discount that it’s about authoritarianism, and that every left-of-center politician in the country seems to be eaten up with it.
They’re not trying to save us, they’re trying to control us, whether it be in the form of guns, french fries, big gulps, or Vicodin in emergency rooms and that’s quite pernicious enough for me, thank you.


Anonymous said...

I have recently joined the NRA!

St X: 45
Trinity: 42

Dale Weeks said...

Trinity gets more press by losing these days than by winning. The typeface in the paper was almost as big as it was on 9/11!

But seriously, congrats. The better team won last night. Da rocks need to get their s**t together.

Anonymous said...

I got the 1 year membership in the NRA