Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Emotions Are Not A Basis For Law

I'm sure that today's White House push for sweeping gun regulation will be a spectacle worthy of Frank Capra with fresh faced cherubs pleading for their President to protect them from the wave of violence the way that only Barack Obama can.

It's a fools errand of epic proportions, regardless of your stand on gun ownership.

We need to get back to dispassionate governance and leave the emotional heat of the moment out of it. Everything Obama has done has dripped with emotion and immediacy, both of which preclude studied debate and the intellectual exercise that should accompany consideration of any law or regulation. The very worst mindset in approaching legislation is, in fact, the whole of his playbook.

Emotions are fleeting, law is not.

My heart aches for the families of these 20 children, but that doesn’t mean they should have any more influence on law than should any of us here. That’s another BS hallmark of the liberal argument; “moral authority”.

I’m sure that he’ll pull out all the stops this afternoon, pulling at our hearts and ignoring our heads. I’ll be halfway surprised if he doesn’t douse the children in blood, just to drive the point home.

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