Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Romney Endures Quadrennial Republican "Bitch Slapping" at NAALCP Convention, Survives

Mitt Romney, fulfilling his responsibility as the Republican Presidential Nominee, appeared before the NAALCP Convention for the much anticipated, quadrennial "Bitch Slapping" in Houston, TX.  Mr. Romney's background as a venture capitalist uniquely qualified him as "The Man", which made the Bitch Slapping all the more appreciated by the throng.

Mr. Romney endured his Bitch Slapping with dignity, even voicing his intention to repeal ObamaCare which, predictably, elicited boos - thus breaking the monotony of "polite applause" and allowing the group to better voice their acrimony.

A point of contention between Texas and The NAALCP is the subject of "voter identification" which, according to many members of the NAALCP, is unreasonable to expect from black people since IDs are not issued to blacks, or any other minorities.

While Romney did not, specifically address this issue, Attorney General Eric Holder (an affirmed black man) was quite adamant, saying on Tuesday before the august body of apparently unidentified black people:
“We call those poll taxes,” Holder added spontaneously, drawing applause as he moved away from the original text of his speech with a reference to a fee used in some Southern states after slavery’s abolition to disenfranchise black people. 
The 24th amendment to the constitution made that type of tax illegal. Holder insinuated the voter ID laws were racist numerous times throughout his speech. 
“I will not allow the Texas Voter ID law to happen,” said Holder.
Romney, in an extraordinary embrace of diversity (for a rich, white man), did not ask for identification prior to the Bitch Slapping and, more importantly, did not request any fees from the assembled black people.

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