Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Set Treyvon Aside For a Bit

The Race Circus has been renewed to a level not seen since the OJ arrest/trial.  People of all minds have pre-acquitted/pre-convicted Treyvon/Zimmerman, they have proof if his innocence/guilt and they shan't be convinced otherwise.

Enough already.  At this point, even calling the Great American Race Circus what it is can be construed as inflammatory and until there is more fact than conjecture and more light than heat, I'll not be discussing the matter here. Understand that I'm not cowed by unfounded charges of racism, I just thing that people of reason, having had their initial opportunity to comment, should back away and allow the justice system to work. Once that has happened, we can all state our opinions and those opinions (hopefully) will be based on fact.

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