Monday, March 05, 2012

Let a Thousand Breitbarts Bloom


Don't boycott the culture: embrace it and engage its inhabitants. Listen to popular music, don't get old before your time, regardless of your age. Rejoice in your conservatism and share that joy with others. Wear their insults and hate as badges of honor and return heir bile with laughter and good cheer.

Always remember that YOU are the enlightened and THEY are the benighted and be willing to share that enlightenment with anyone who'll listen and find ways to get through to those who won't.  You're not regurgitating the tired, old bromides that have been trotted out now for almost 50 years; they are.

Most of all, take your victories wherever you can find them and don't lament the small ones - parlay them into large ones.

He left the blueprint, it's up to follow it. Let a thousand flowers bloom - let a thousand Breitbarts bloom.

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