Friday, March 16, 2012

A Good Obama Campaign Slogan; "All Of The Credit, None Of The Blame"

Israel's now being set up as the new scapegoat for rising gas prices. Alas, they'll have to share their title with George W. Bush, Wall Street speculators, Big Oil and, of course, the source of all evil; Dick Cheney and the corporate Death Star known as Halliburton.

I saw a blurb on Fox that claimed that, if Israel stroke Iran, it may bring about $6/gallon gasoline. The thing is, the specter of gasoline rising to these levels has already been raised, so this sounds curiously like a "prophylactic explanation" being trotted out, you know, just in case.

There seems to be no limit to this administration's capacity to shamelessly shift blame.

In reality, any president's power to reduce gas prices is seriously limited, but he can heavily influence prices upward. The administration's overt war on domestic oil production, capped with his blocking of the Keysone Pipeline, has tremendous influence on oil prices.

But of course, it's far easier to demonize "Big Oil", deflect responsibility, and expect the American people to buy it.  It's worked so far, but it can't work forever.

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