Saturday, May 16, 2009

The UN: Making the World Safe for Malefactors

Mohamed ElBaradei warns of new nuclear age

The number of potential nuclear weapons states could more than double in a few years unless the major powers take radical steps towards disarmament, the head of the UN's nuclear watchdog has warned.

In a Guardian interview, Mohamed ElBaradei said the threat of proliferation was particularly grave in the Middle East, a region he described as a "ticking bomb".

ElBaradei, the outgoing director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said the current international regime limiting the spread of nuclear weapons was in danger of falling apart under its own inequity. "Any regime … has to have a sense of fairness and equity and it is not there," he said in an interview at his offices
in Vienna.

So, the way to end nuclear proliferation is for the major powers to disarm?

It's hard to comment on such sand-pounding idiocy. The fact that ElBaradei has occupied his post for as long as he has is a major cause for much of the problems we now have. Iraq developing WMDs? No action. North Korea developing nukes? No action. Iran developing nukes? No action. He laments about the Middle East having become a "ticking bomb", but he has taken no action whatsoever to stop it - apparently because, in his view, it's a matter of "fairness and equity" that radical Islamic apocalyptic basket-case states have nuclear capability. His words, not mine.

If there's one organization that has made the world less safe, it has to be the UN. It is no more than an international forum for thugs, tyrants and murderers, giving them equal status with freedom loving democratic states. I would suppose that mindset springs from the UN's quest for "fairness".

Had there been a UN in 1939, all of Europe would now be called Germany and UN diplomats would still be debating the question of Germany's invasion of Czechoslovakia. There would be no Israel because there simply would be not enough Jews left to populate it, though the UN might have issued a statement somewhat critical of the "alleged" slaughter of all European Jews.

As for the IAEA, they have, by their lack of action, given the green light for every crackpot regime in the world to develop and threaten the world with nuclear weapons, and developing them they are.

ElBaradei is right, though, the Middle East IS a ticking bomb. The problem is that neither the UN or the IAEA will do anything to diffuse it; that task will, as usual, be left to countries with the will to do so - if there are any left.

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