Sunday, July 16, 2006

LEBANON: Lying Down with Dogs

It would appear that Israel has finally reached the saturation point with regard to the consistant attacks at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Since Hezbollah is another stateless terrorist group that hides behind civilians in states that give them shelter, weapons and financial assistance, Israel has decided that Lebanon is fair game, and I agree. Unlike Hezbollah, Israel is not specifically targeting civilians, but as long as countries such as Lebanon as well as Syria and Iran) give aid and comfort to these monsters and allow them to hide behind their civilian populace, collateral deaths will continue to be suffered. If Lebanon is truly interested in the protection of its citizens, it will expel the cancer in its midst. Lebanon is not an innocent victim; it is an accomplice before, during and after the fact-as are the thugs in Syria and Iran.

Israel has shown remarkable restraint, but restraint has its limitations. At some point, the muslim antagonists, and their enablers, must be made to pay a price for their wanton murder and kidnapping of innocents. That point has been reached.
Lebanon, Syria and Iran can no longer be allowed to facilitate worldwide terrorism with impunity and further calls for Iraeli "restraint" are unrealistic. No other country in the world would have put up with the repeated attacks that Israel has suffered. Israel has given up land and has tried the "go along to get along" approach for far too long and their reward has always been increasing levels of violence aimed at its people. Obviously, the sons of Allah have been spoiling for war and now, it is war they shall get.

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