Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain, sports a very fashionable Palestinian scarf (or kaffiyeh) evidently signifying his solidarity with fellow Jew-haters everywhere.


In other Eurotrash Jew-hatred news, I find this rather disturbing opinion piece by Ignacio Russell Cano:

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain and Secretary General of the Socialist Party, arrived to power at a time nobody expected, not even inside the Party.

Keen on populist tirades against the United States "Dickhead Bush" and "Ketchup Queen Kerry", his whole campaign did not bring much attention until the moment Al-Qaeda decided to blow up Madrid trains, killing almost 200 people and bringing to an end Spain's membership of the West.

From that moment on, everybody knew nothing would be the same, and Spanish Jews knew there were hard times ahead. Prime Minister Zapatero has not disappointed them.

Although many experts had foretold of the imminent disappearing of European Jews, nobody expected such a virulent explosion of anti-Semitism in Spain, not even under a Leftist government.

The first signal came on Monday, 5 December, when during a dinner with the Benarroch family, Zapatero and wife began claiming what Vidal Quadras, member of the European Parliament, described on the radio as "a tirade of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism".

By the moment the Benarroch couple had left the table to express their regrets, Zapatero was explaining his lack of surprise about the Holocaust: according to the people present, Zapatero claimed to understand the Nazis.

Oddly, his ascent to the office of Prime Minister was a direct result of the Muslim terrorist train bombings in Madrid in 2004, go figure. The Spanish people, in a frenzy to appease the Muslim murderers, sought to distance themselves from the previous government which was friendly to the Bush administration and Zapatero was easily elected. One can only assume that Spaniards have devolved into a detestable lot.

While Zapatero is a real piece of work, this Spanish anti-Semitism is really nothing new. During the Spanish Inquisition, Jews were given the choice to either leave Spain or die, or at least the lucky ones were. While I hesitate in judging a country by centuries-old events, Spain, like Germany has evidently failed to acknowledge and learn from its past, thus dooming them to repeat it.

If you don't understand the term "Eurotrash", you need only look at Spain, Germany and as always, France.

P.S. It should be noted that the Zapatero government is described as "Leftist" and Zapatero himself is "Secretary General of the Socialist Party". Perhaps American Jews should note where their support is coming from, and from where it is not. -D.W.

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