Thursday, June 16, 2005

Or at Least, the Acquitted

Yeah, I know that by now this is old news, but I've been out of town and now that I'm back I am compelled (compelled, I tell you) to put in my two cents on this farce masquerading as drama masquerading as news.

One news clip I saw pretty much summed it up for me. I showed a woman, upon the announcement of the blessed vindication of her savior (the oh so persecuted St. Michael), releasing doves with a look on her face that was a combination of unadulterated bliss and utter vacuousness. My reaction was paradoxical; on one hand I was curious as to what she could possibly be thinking, on the other hand I preferred not to know.

I guess I will just have to quote myself, from before the verdict was reached:
Who will win? Well, in the end, the freaks will win and we all will lose. Personally, I would hope that Jackson will not come out of this unscathed and will be found guilty of something. Unfortunately, the trial has assumed a carnival-like ambiance and a carnival is a freak's home turf.

I have nothing more to add.

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