Saturday, June 11, 2005

Get your Mind Right

OK, I'm an unapologetic Parrotthead. As such, I'm consistantly embarrassed by Jimmy Buffett's liberal politics as evidenced by this Hugh Hewitt post:

First, the serious stuff. From the Los Angeles Times' "Quick Takes" column:

"A Secret Service agent was dispatched to recover Jimmy Buffett's lost cellphone, which reportedly contained numbers for Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter. The singer lost the phone at a Cuban restaurant in Delray Beach, Fla., on May 29, according to the Palm Beach Post. Busboy Jason Martin picked it up.

'We were sitting around smoking weed and strolling down the list on Jimmy's phone, going 'Wow!' Martin told the paper. The busboy says he didn't call any of the celebs, but told police his friends might have placed crank calls to Clinton."

I still love ya Jimmy, but you really should re-evaluate your circle of friends.

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