Monday, May 14, 2012

One-Trick President

When I first heard of this Newsweek cover I thought it a joke, a parody of the god-like persona that the left has ascribed to President Obama.  I'm sure that I'm not the only one whose credulity was strained.  Alas, it's all to real, but it has a distinct odor of desperation and, let's face it, when parody becomes indistinguishable from actuality, there's something terribly wrong.

The more time goes by, the more I like Romney’s chances. All Obama has is race; his political wits are sorely lacking and his acolytes are grasping for any reason to maintain their support. I think it’s all but certain that the economy will, at best, remain anemic and at worst, will continue to fail. Democrats, save the increasingly small circle of true believers will distance themselves throughout the summer and, eventually, there will simply be no concrete reasons to reelect; “Hope and Change” will be seem cruelly mocking and Obama will become a caricature of all that's wrong with the Democrat Party.

If he had a fraction of the political aptitude of Clinton he’d be scary, but he doesn’t. They’re breaking out the messianic theme because that’s literal all they’ve got. The fact is that The First Black President is a one-trick pony who has ascended by virtue of his race and thuggish politics and as the country looks to a second act, they’ll be horrified to find that there isn’t one. In November he’ll be eased out and a substantial number of Democrats will publicly grouse but privately, they’ll be relieved to have the albatross removed from their necks.

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