Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gimme Some "Post Racial"

To believe that there’s a racial element to Obama’s loyal opposition is to believe that racism comes and goes as though it were a fashion. That’s simply not the way people think. Literally every example of anti-Obama racism, this side of the “Stormfront” crowd, had proven baseless. Indeed, one of the reasons Obama still maintains the level of approval that he does is that his opposition has been wont to minimize criticism for fear of being “misinterpreted”.
For many Americans, “The First Black President” was an experiment that even I hoped would succeed. Many of those same Americans are concluding that, while their intentions were noble, there’s more to a being president than absolving us for the sin of slavery. In fact, this “absolver” is now wielding our past sins as his remaining weapon, having not displayed any semblance of competence.
In 2008, we did the wrong thing for the right reason – in 2010, we need to do the right thing for the right reason.

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