Friday, December 23, 2011

Boehner Blinks

House GOP Agrees to Extend Payroll-Tax Cut for 2 Months

It’s a matter of debate whether we could have actually won this debate. Gingrich was the best Republican Speaker in a generation and when he pounded the spending cuts issue in the 90s, he was savaged. I think it was Time mag that had him on the cover with the title “The Gingrich that Stole Christmas”, unfair or not, it’s a description that has stick to this day. That said, he was able to lead the House, passed important legislation and Clinton signed it.

Republicans are the “Daddy Party”, so it’s pretty easy to portray them as cruel an heartless – particularly just before Christmas. Newt had the temperament to persevere through that crap, clearly, Boehner does not.

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