Monday, December 12, 2011

2012, The Year of Living Vacuously

Our problem, dear friends, is that the unserious are becoming a major force in the formation of policy and they’re fortified by unserious minions, such as OWS, who act as combination sounding boards and think tanks. The unserious press in the form of the infotainment cabal that includes everyone from Brian Williams to Jon Stewart to the shrews on shows such as “the View”, dutifully keep the information flowing – always on cue and always exquisitely coordinated. They don’t need talking points memos or real organization; with twitter and Facebook, it’s the embodiment of the Borg and the best part is that they’re all doing it quite voluntarily, even joyfully. They’re told precisely what they want to hear and regurgitate on cue.
As a country, as a society, we stink of decay and weakness. No insult is to great for us to absorb in the interest of “diversity”. We bow down to 14th Century barbarians as though they were majestic, even adopting their customs and religion thus breaking centuries-old customs handed down by our forefathers. In the interest of understanding, we’ve re-written our own history and beat our breasts in regret for the monumental achievements of our forbears.
I look about and wish I were 88 instead of 58, for I would prefer not seeing what I believe will be the demise of “the last, best hop for mankind”. I my minds eye, I see a malevolent darkness that will descend upon mankind and the true meaning of “The Four Horsemen” painfully crystallizes in my mind.
No, war is not the worst fate that can befall mankind; the loss of the past on which we build our future is. There’s been an unbroken chain, centuries old, well predating the United States, we call Western civilization. That chain is in ill repair and is under attack.
For all of his foibles, Newt Gingrich said, in one of his lectures, that an entire civilization can be lost in one generation and it vanishes with remarkable quickness and irretrievably. I see the beginnings of that loss on a daily basis and it gives me nothing but dread about the future.
2012 is not a year i’ll welcome, it’ll be one that i’ll approach cautiously, and with a jaded eye.
Happy New Year, indeed. It will not be pretty, nor happy.

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