Sunday, January 24, 2010

So NOW They Want Bipartsanship?

WSJ: White House Toughens Tone After Difficult Week

On "Meet the Press," White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said, "What we learned from the Massachusetts victory is that people are sick and tired of Washington not delivering for them."

What you learned, you tone-deaf moron, was that people are tired of Washington continuing spend money like it was water, while unemployment continues to rise. Maybe, Ms. Jarrett, the people don't like what you're delivering - nothing, at an enormous expense to the taxpayer.
Republicans said Mr. Brown's victory was a repudiation of the Obama agenda, not just of Democratic dithering. Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) urged the president to move to the center and engage Republicans.

McCain is often wrong, but this time he's dead-on. It's a shame that they didn't "engage" Republicans before bringing us to the brink of ruin.
Mr. Obama did that on one issue. On Saturday, he endorsed legislation in the Senate to create a bipartisan commission to tackle the budget deficit, with an up-or-down vote in Congress on its recommendations at the end of the year. A vote on creating that commission is scheduled in the Senate for Tuesday, and it is not expected to pass.

White House officials hope the president's endorsement of the bill will soften Republican opposition to his plan to create a similar commission by executive order. That commission will need GOP cooperation to fill eight of the 18 seats on the panel with Republicans.

Same old crap from these people; the Democrats singlehandedly created this budget nightmare with total control of the Executive and legislative branches; now they want to form a "bipartisan commission" to solve it. It's funny that there was no bipartisanship for the past 12 months while the problems were being created.

Of course, then he was "the Messiah", now he's just the Democrat hack that many of us knew he was all along.

Republicans should hold his feet to the fire for a while and demand that a lot of these expenditures, primarily the worthless "stimulus" be rolled back. He wants cover; don't give it to him.

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