Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is Everything Now The Business of The Government?

The Banking Industry, the Auto Industry, The Health Care Industry, and now, COLLEGE FOOTBALL?
Justice Dept.: Obama administration may take action on BCS

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration is considering several steps that would review the legality of the controversial Bowl Championship Series, the Justice Department said in a letter Friday to a senator who had asked for an antitrust review.

In the letter to Sen. Orrin Hatch, obtained by The Associated Press, Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich wrote that the Justice Department is reviewing Hatch's request and other materials to determine whether to open an investigation into whether the BCS violates antitrust laws.

"Importantly, and in addition, the administration also is exploring other options that might be available to address concerns with the college football postseason," Weich wrote, including asking the Federal Trade Commission to review the legality of the BCS under consumer protection laws.

Several lawmakers and many critics want the BCS to switch to a playoff system, rather than the ratings system it uses to determine the teams that play in the championship game.

"The administration shares your belief that the current lack of a college football national championship playoff with respect to the highest division of college football ... raises important questions affecting millions of fans, colleges and universities, players and other interested parties," Weich wrote.

Weich made note of the fact that President Barack Obama, before he was sworn in, had stated his preference for a playoff system. In 2008, Obama said he was going to "to throw my weight around a little bit" to nudge college football toward a playoff system, a point that Hatch stressed when he urged Obama last fall to ask the department to investigate the BCS.

First, Orrin Hatch should be ashamed of himself, as should any other Republican who even thinks about signing on to this madness. This isn't "smaller government"; it's intrusive and meddling government.

I, personally, am no fan of the BCS system; it's often unfair and excludes teams that have earned the right to be included. This is, however, a matter for the NCAA to address, and not one for intrusion by the Federal Government under the guise of enforcing "anti-trust" or "consumer protection" laws.

As for Obama, I cannot say I'm surprised. He seems intent on injecting himself, and the government, into any and every facet of American life. He sees the the government as a ubiquitous solution machine and feels it to be within his puview to, as he stated, "throw (his)weight around a little bit", whenever he feels the need.

The "BCS System" is increasingly unpopular with the fans, it's not eqitable, but it's not a government issue. I want to see the system changed, but at the hands of the NCAA, not the Justice Department.

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