Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pat Buchanan: Nazi Apologist/Sympathizer

Buchanan's freedom of speech allows him write facist political pornography, mine allows me to call him a filthy Nazi poltroon who is unworthy to even call himself an American.

For years now, Pat Buchanan has made a steady and purposeful trek from the mainstream to the lunatic fringe. With this vulgar, revisionist column, there can be no doubt that his journey has delivered him to a place where only the truly wretched reside:

Did Hitler Want War?

The piece (which I will NOT excerpt) tries to make the point that Hitler never really wanted war and he wanted to end hostilities in 1940 - he seems to insinuate that the Allies drew Hitler into the war. Additionally, he makes only a passing reference to the Holocaust; never really mentioning one of the most horrific acts of genocide in history. His conclusion is that Hitler wasn't interested in conquering Europe and if we had just taken him at his word, and read the tea leaves a little better, we could have avoided the whole ugly mess.

In Pat's view, Hitler was simply misunderstood.

I can't say I'm surprised; for some time now, he's glommed onto, and found common purpose with European fascists and not-so-thinly-veiled Neo Nazis, so it seems that he's now becoming their European counterpart.
Disgusting. The world simply has no place for Buchanan or his ilk.

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