Friday, November 21, 2008

Mitch McConnell: A Shameful Republican Senator

Democrats certainly don't have a monopoly on pompous asses. This particular ass is a Senator from my state - a Senator that (alas) I just voted for. That's a mistake I'll not make again.

Had I wanted a Senator that would use President Bush as a "whipping boy" I would have voted for a Democrat.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A top Republican said on Friday that Democratic U.S. President-elect Barack Obama is "off to a good start" and indicated he was pleased to see President George W. Bush get ready to leave.

"Our members, in one way, are kind of relieved by the departure of an administration that became unpopular and made it very difficult for us to compete," Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell told reporters on Capitol Hill.

So what's the point of this, Mitch? Trying to suck up to the new administration in the hope that they'll like you and make life easier for you up there in the Country Club we call the U.S. Senate? Since a lot of your old buddies got thrown out, are you trying to make some new friends, or are you just welcoming your new overlords?

Whatever your reasons, your statement was shameful, cheap and wholly undeserved. Showing some initial magnanimity toward the incoming administration is laudable, throwing your President under the bus in the process is unacceptable.

Hey Mitch, have you noticed that the approval rating for Congress is 18%? The fact is that YOU and the rest of the Congressional Republicans screwed up so badly that YOU lost BOTH houses of Congress in 2006, but it seems you have conveniently forgotten that. President Bush didn't make it difficult for you to compete; YOU made it difficult for YOU to compete.

It's YOU and your colleagues who have saddled us with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and now Barack Obama.

President Bush is a good man and a good President who put his country's good above his own - it's called character and leadership, qualities that YOU seemingly lack. The sad truth is that he led and YOU and the Republicans in Congress failed to follow. Maybe if YOU and the rest of the Congressional Republicans had shown some backbone and stood up for your President, we may not be in the situation in which we currently find ourselves.

You and your ilk are not even men enough to take responsibility for your obvious failure, so you've chosen to hang that failure around your President's neck like an albatross and give him the toe of your boot as thanks for his service.

I'm sure you and Harry Reid will get along just fine, you have different letters behind your names but you're both weasels.


jlshaw said...

Don't be stupid. McConnell has fought the good fight for years. He knows he's in a tough spot, and he's shown himself adept at doing the right thing. If you value General Petraeus' efforts, thank Mitch. He ran the effort to stop Reid and the others who wanted the surge stopped. I met him when I was in DC with a bunch of other Iraq vets. McConnell did the tough right thing.

He did a lot of things that got him no thanks, and that included keeping his own president from moving left. He's my senator. He's the only elected official that I actually trust. So you can bitch at him without knowing what his long plan is, or you can trust that he knows what he's doing.

Dale said...

All valid points, but I still think that throwing one's own president under the bus is not the way to build party unity. The comments needn't have been made and regardless of his record, he deserves to be called on them.

This movement to pile all of our problems on the back of George W. Bush as he goes out door won't make them go away and when Republicans participate, it's particularly annoying.

Sure, maybe not annoying enough to vote Democrat, but annoyed nonetheless.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and especially for responding.