Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving is a particularly American holiday and in so many ways, it defines and encourages us to remember who we are as well our purpose and place in history.

We all have personal reasons to be thankful (as do I) regardless as to how many tribulations we have endured during the preceding 12 months and we can contemplate those with our families and loved ones.

I think it better, here, to focus on our collective fortunes and blessings as Americans. Please feel free to add your own.

On this Thanksgiving Day, 2008:

I give thanks to our founders, who envisioned this country more than two centuries ago and for those who gave their lives to establish it.

I give thanks to the men and women who today, and since our nation’s founding, have given their all for the preservation of our liberty and to bestow liberty upon, and to preserve the liberty of, people around the world.

I give thanks to live in a nation of plenty, where obesity is a problem and starvation is not; this is truly an exception in the history of mankind.

I give thanks for forums such as this, where I can freely express my opinions without fear of retribution.

I give thanks that I live in a nation where immigration is a problem and emigration is not.

I give thanks that we have just elected a new president in an election unmarred by violence and, though nearly half of the people voted against him, he will take power on January 20 and that transition will take place with the full cooperation of the outgoing president.

We are all truly blessed to live in a country such as this; so long as we continue to recognize and recognize its virtues, it will continue to be the “last, best hope of mankind”.

Happy Thanksgiving, to all.

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