Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I don't know if anyone has made this connection, or even if anyone should, but here it is.

Remember the Kevin Costner movie "Waterworld". Yes, I know that you have been probably been trying to forget it, and now I have rendered all of that effort for naught, but work with me here.

Apocolyptic scenario of a world covered by water. A lawless place where life is cheap. Marauding bands of warlords are the only authority, and they oppress the poor souls who were unforunate enough to have survived.

Doesn't this sound a lot like New Orleans? It's like life imitating art, albeit bad art, but art nonetheless.

UPDATE 09/01/05 8:30 AM Evacuation at Superdome suspended as shots fired at military evacuation helecopters. Yeah, that's the way to get back at the man, that'll teach him!

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