Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You Just Can't Make Sense to a Hipster in an Animal Hat

The Democrats sell a Gerber, pre-chewed, worldview that’s so rudimental, it could be fully explained on a single sheet of paper comprised of crayon drawings. One need only get behind one of the cars of the “true believer” hipster in an animal hat, who documents his belief system and details his dogma with bumper-stickers.
Bumper stickers like "END WAR" next to a fading "Obama/Biden "08" next to a "I Pee GREEN" or some such environmental nonsense.
Trying to explain the complexities of the world to one of these people garners a response similar to the one you’d get from a graphic description of the human reproductive process to a four year-old girl- “Eeeww gross! You’re a bad man!” as she runs out of the room to report you to the authorities. They simply cannot have their bumper-sticker philosophies challenged because they know their bright, primary colored, Democrat-built Neverland would never be the same.
The Democrats have promoted this, and last night’s SOTU was crawling with it. The sneering self-righteousness on display from the President is his way of re-enforcing his minions’ satisfaction with citizenship in the philosophical Neverland the party has built for them, where war can be ended simply by not fighting, the disparity between rich and poor ban be ended simply by redistributing the money, and all of our energy needs can be eliminated by the wind and the sun without disrupting the lives of Bambi and Thumper with the evil Keystone pipeline.

Approach them with caution, though, because they pee "GREEN".

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