Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Inevitability of Tragedy Opportunism

I simply can't help mentally profiling this group, ya know?

Substantially more gun control is in the offing and the best we can hope for is mitigation. Most people are seeing this through emotional eyes and the gun control people are seeing it through opportunistic eyes. 20 dead first graders evokes a far deeper response than a comparable number of teenagers or college students. I disagree that this will go away any time soon; Obama and the gun control lobby will ride this toward sweeping weapons legislation and it matters not that said legislation will be meaningless and ineffective. What will matter is that they’re “doing something”.

Some think it’ll never make it through Congress -- picture on one side of the screen, the nebulous “assault rifle” and on the other side of the screen, pictures of the dead children, does anyone really think arguments based on logic and/or facts are going to win the day? Did arguments based on logic and/or facts with the election? When was the last time we won a single argument based on logic/facts?

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