Thursday, October 25, 2012

Romney/Ryan 2012

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not particularly in love with Romney (I don't do the "cult of personality" thing), but I do think he’s a highly competent individual and as close to morally impeccable as you can be after 65 years on this Earth. Op research has been digging for years and all they could come up with is some story about his dog, in a carrier being strapped atop his car….I wish my list of misdeed were that short.

He has all of the tools to begin to repair our damaged economy and the experience to use those tools effectively. His professional life is one of success at pretty much everything he’s tried and, in his spare time, he seems to genuinely enjoy “serving his fellow man”. As I said on a different thread, disagreements on policy details are part of the process, but I can’t think of a more decent human being ever seeking the office.

Alas, history has a funny way of changing the landscape, as happened on 9/11/01. We’re one domestic terr
or attack from putting the economy back on simmer and foreign policy on the front burner. Few presidents come into office with experience in foreign policy, so on that, one just has to listen to what they say and determine where their core loyalties lie and how they will pursue those loyalties. Romney’s an adamant friend of Israel, check. He recognizes the policy implications, of China’s deplorable business behavior, check. He sees Russia as a geopolitical problem yet unresolved, check. He sees Iran, particularly a nuclear Iran as a dire threat to our security, check. I can’t project how Romney would handle any given crisis, no one can, but I’ve seen how Obama has handled the crises on his watch and (aside from the prolific drone strikes), I have not been pleased. He’s projected diplomatic weakness, looked like an appeaser to our enemies and lukewarm to our friends.

Again, I speak only for myself, but that’s why I’m foursquare behind Romney/Ryan.

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