Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Another Day, Another Story of Government Excess


These stories of foolish excess, from the Federal level to local governments, are becoming more frequent by the day (that the automobiles always seem to be GM products is a matter for another discussion). Even in the face of these revelations, any attempt to so much as cut the rate of increase is met with howls of "YOU WANT TO STARVE GRANDMA, AND CHILDREN, FIRE ALL THE COPS, AND TEACHERS, AND FIREMEN….bla, bla, bla."

What happens in Colorado is up to Coloradans, but at the Federal level, BEGIN by IMMEDIATELY cutting operating expenses of ALL Federal agencies by 20%-30% (private companies do this all of the time), then cut the salaries of $100K+ federal employees by 1/3. Sell off some of the enormous amount of land that's owned by the government and lease large swaths of other land holdings for oil exploration. That's a start, once that's in place, start looking at how many billions are being pissed away in entitlements….does anyone doubt that a SUBSTANTIAL portion of entitlement spending is either fraud or just going to undeserving individuals?

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