Monday, June 18, 2012

How's This for Perspective?

Ultimately, they'll hold their own children hostage to their own ends, clearly using OUR CONCERN for THEIR CHILDREN as a weapon AGAINST US.
Taliban to U.S.: End drone strikes in Pakistan, or no more polio vaccines 
Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- A Taliban commander in northwest Pakistan has announced a ban on polio vaccines for children as long as the United States continues its campaign of drone strikes in the region, according to a statement by the Taliban. 
"Polio drops will be banned in North Waziristan until the drones strikes are stopped," said the statement, released Saturday. "Almost every resident of North Waziristan has become a mental patient because of the drone strikes, which are worse than polio," the statement continued. "On one hand, the U.S. spends millions of dollars to eliminate polio, while on the other hand it kills hundreds with the help of its slave, Pakistan." 
Pakistan remains one of only three countries that have yet to eradicate polio.
If there's another way to interpret this, feel free to enlighten me.

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