Thursday, September 01, 2011

All Back from Mackinac, Jack

Mackinac Island, that is. If you think that that title rhymes, then you are obviously unfamiliar with French pronunciation of Indian words, but that's an entirely different matter that just proves the inimitable annoying nature of the French. But I digress.....

We had a wonderful time, visited the UP; a region about which I had always heard, but heretofore had, unfortunately, never visited. That was an oversight that's now been remedied.

It was a relatively short stay, but then it's a pretty small island. It was a wonderful few days, a lovely drive, and it was good to get away. The yoopers were warm and engaging, and we even met a very nice conservative couple from Canada, what're the odds of that? My hair is nearly down to my shoulders now, I wonder what gave me away?

That and other intriguing questions, observations, insights and even pics regarding the trip to the Upper Peninsula to follow - stay tuned. Right now, I'm dealing with the post-drive recovery process.

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