Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whither Libya?

At this point, I couldn't care less. The "rebels" are begging for American assistance, but as soon as we take action, we will be criticized as "meddlers". This seems to be the drill in the Middle East; damn us when we do and damn us when we don't. Maybe this time we should be damned because we don't and leave them to their own devices. The Arab League has called for a "No Fly Zone" - fine, let them do it. There are a number of Middle Eastern countries that have military prowess and now is the time to have at it. Let them topple Qaddafi and save their fellow Arabs.

Some in Congress have called for arming the rebels. All we need do is look at Afghanistan to see how that could well work out. We armed the rebels in that country against the Soviet Union and those arms were turned upon our own soldiers; let's not repeat that mistake. Again, let the Libyans Arab brothers arm them - there seems so be no shortage of arms in the Middle East.

I'm no isolationist. Afghanistan was a must after 9/11 and Iraq was a belligerent state that simply could not be ignored. Both of these conflicts should be brought to a successful conclusion. Libya, on the other hand, does not have that much significance for the United States at this point and certainly does not merit the shedding of American blood.  This could change; if Libya threatens the Suez Canal, then we have a problem, but at this time American military action is a non-starter in my eyes.

All of that said, I find it infuriating that Libya's Arab "brethren" have no taste for risking their own skins in the protection of the Libyan people.  As usual, the Muslims are all talk and no walk - they're quite comfortable with "allowing" the West to take action, but wouldn't think of doing it on their own.  The day of Americans being "hired guns" should be over, it's time these spoiled Muslim children learn to take care of themselves.

All of this said. words cost nothing and the dearth of rhetorical support for the demise of the Qaddafi regime is troubling.  What is happening throughout the Middle East is historic, and the White House has given the appearance of being loath to even make comments on the events that are unfolding.  We should have a position and that position should be in support of freedom throughout the world.  The Obama administration has a disturbing habit of being reactive rather than proactive in stating its stance on any number of issues, particularly in the area of foreign policy.  Some leadership from the White House would be refreshing after two years of lethargy.

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