Friday, December 24, 2010

Pilot Exposes TSA Farce

For his trouble, he is being treated like a common criminal; he is being treated as though he is the threat!

Yes, crews are restricted from revealing details about security precautions, but one must consider that what this man is doing is not in the interest of weakening security, its in the interest of strengthening it. As more comes out about this case, I have no doubt that it will be learned that this pilot complained about this directly to the TSA, and was met with deaf ears. One must ask "would it be better if he had remained silent?" From my perspective, he has done precisely what he should have done; a pilot's first priority is the safety of his/her passengers. This man has exposed himself, and his career, to considerable risk in fulfilling his primary duty.

Having spent over 6 years in the airline industry, I know that everything this courageous man is saying is true. While TSA is fondling grandma and children, there are massive holes in the security fence left open.

Pilots and Flight Attendants go through rigorous background checks, yet are still subject to humiliating and time consuming searches every time they report for work. Conversely, ground crews and vehicles are routinely allowed on the ramp without even a cursory amount of inspection.

The next time you are on an aircraft, look out the window onto the tarmac and contemplate who those guys are and what they brought to work that day with only the swipe of a security card. While your thinking about that, realize that they have unrestricted access to every part of the aircraft you have boarded. Have a nice flight!


m said...

This is crazy. You should let us cross-post this.


Dale Weeks said...

I sent an email...Thanks!