Sunday, October 31, 2010

48 Hours

In 48 hours, our nation will decide whether to continue on the road of radical, hard left progressivism or, at the very least, to stem the tide and give voice to those who feel that there is a better way.

President Obama will have you believe that Republicans are ultimately responsible for our current economic troubles, but unemployment has risen and the annual deficit as increased more than three-fold in the nearly two years of the Obama administration. President Obama will have you believe that congressional Republicans are guilty of "obstructionism" and that is the reason for our troubles. The fact is that Democrats have controlled both houses of congress for four years, and the presidency for the last two. President Obama has had the luxury of getting virtually everything he has wanted in that Congress has rubber-stamped his every whim. The fact that he has done all of this without Republican support has been of no hindrance whatsoever.

The "obstructionism" of which the president speaks was no more than a attempt by the minority party to slow the juggernaut but, alas, it was not slowed; it has continues apace.

As Democrats, and President Obama, have had free rein over the government, America's situation and prospects have become increasingly worse. The president announced the "recovery summer" of 2010 yet now, on October 31, we are no better off than we were in the spring, and in many ways we are in far worse shape. They ignored the will of the people in jamming through a massive healthcare overhaul without a single Republican vote. These same Democrats who passed this bill are now running away from it as they realize that it will not only dramatically increase our costs, but it will dramatically decrease the quality of our care.

The reign of Democrat control must end, and it must end now. We have the opportunity to slow, and eventually reverse, the destructive effects we have reaped as a result of leftist, one-party rule. We can ensure that the next two years will be better than the last.

Our situation is dire, but not irreparable. We must, however, begin now. We may not get another chance.

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