Monday, September 20, 2010

More Thoughts on Quran Burning....

Philosophically, I stand by my post below.  Alas, the world clearly does not turn on philosophy, and the Muslims that we have been forced to deal with are not particularly deep thinkers; they are visceral in nature and bloodthirsty in method.  Just as one must choose the proper tool to complete a task, perhaps this was, indeed, the proper tool, however distasteful it may have been.

Both Christians and Jews have stood by while Muslims have befouled our holy sites, burned our churches and temples, tortured and mutilated our people and showed intolerance at levels heretofore unknown in the modern world. We breathed a sigh and shook our heads with the knowledge and comfort that we are civilized people clearly dealing with barbarians.

While I am (still) opposed to book burning in general, at some level these animals must be sent the message that tolerance is a two-way street and the respect given will be equal to the respect received, and nothing less will be tolerated.

Quran burning does not expose a dark underbelly of intolerance in the West, it does quite the opposite; it exposes Isalm to be incapable of coexistence and any form of the pluralism that is the norm outside of the Muslim world. For that reason, Quran burning, while repugnant, has been enlightening and highly instuctional as to the nature of Islam (as if any of us really needed further instruction).


Anonymous said...

Burn baby burn!

Dale Weeks said...

Well, alright then. I've come around to your side.