Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Disgraceful and Insulting

Andrew Cuomo Favors Ground Zero Mosque

Andrew Cuomo and his GOP challengers are splitting sharply on the hotly contested question of building a mosque near Ground Zero, even as they're in surprising agreement on the need to cut taxes and spending.

Attorney General Cuomo said he favored building the mosque, which polls show is opposed by most city residents, including many who say it would be an insult to 9/11 victims.

Cuomo, who polls show is the overwhelming favorite to be the state's next governor, said through a spokesman, "America is all about diversity and tolerance and, thus, we should let this project proceed, even though it may justifiably make some people uncomfortable and offend some of our sensibilities."
Yes, Andrew, America is all about diversity and tolerance but, as is the case with everything, even these admirable qualities have their limitations. Additionally, tolerance should not be a one-way proposition, and with Islam, that has always been the case. Muslims are the most intolerant people on earth, regularly engaging in barbarism within their own countries and enabling that same barbarism to be manifested in others'.

The "Ground Zero" site is hallowed ground where, nearly nine years after this act of mass murder, bone fragments are still being discovered. Need we remind anyone of the ideology behind this act; an ideology that continues to take lives, worldwide, on a daily basis?

The very placement of this proposed mosque is intended to run salt in a wound that is still open among many New Yorkers, and many Americans. A native New Yorker such as Andrew Cuomo should understand that, but it appears that his allegiance to tolerance far outweighs that to his countrymen.

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