Friday, April 02, 2010

Defending My Generation

I read a number of blogs, and there seems to be concerns, as well as not so veiled insults hurled at the “Boomers”. As one of those "Boomers", I would like to take this opportunity to address them.

Our parents grew up in The Depression and many spent their young adulthood literally “saving the world for democracy” during World War II. Personally, both of my parents served in the military, but due credit should be given to all of those who supported “the war effort”; the women in the factories, those who bought “War Bonds”, those who dutifully endured rationing of practically everything in support of the effort.

Having done their duty, the came home, married, and made babies, lots of them. Homes were constructed throughout the country as a result.

Our parents created an economic boom, and may of my generation grew up with parents who were determined that we would not be forced to endure the hardships that were an integral part of their formative years.

The “Baby Boom” generation was a large lump of humanity deposited in American society. When we went to school, new schools were constructed throughout the country, many of which have now been either demolished or recycled for other uses.

When we became young adults, our very numbers attracted attention; Madison Avenue catered to our styles, and television catered to our watching habits.

Politically, many of us had opinions. These opinions were largely formed by the prosperity in which we were raised. “Spoiled”? Absolutely. The problem was that people actually started to listen to us; we, who had been raised in an idyllic society, bought and paid for by our parents’ sacrifices, a generation who spouted foolish statements, and rebelled against what is now recognized as “the Greatest Generation” became a political force simply by virtue of our sheer numbers.

We came to “change the world’, and change it we did. My generation spawned an era of permissiveness and “open mindedness” that now threatens the very foundations of our country.

Those said, let us not forget the fact that a number of my generation served their country in Vietnam and many died in that service. Let us also not forget that the Neo-Con movement that was largely responsible for the election of Ronald Reagan is part of this generation. Let us not forget that the moguls of Silicon Valley, who have been intrinsic to the economy we enjoyed in the 80s and 90s, were also part of this generation.

Most importantly, let us not forget that this great swath of people we call “Baby Boomers” who have worked and paid their taxes for some 40-50 years now have, to a large extent, financed such programs as Social Security during that time. The politicians were quite content in taking our money, and chose to ignore the quite obvious fact that, eventually, we would retire and the bill would come due.

Now that many of us are in the situation of looming retirement, health issues, etc., we are considered “a problem”. Many of us, me included, find ourselves unemployed and are told that the retirement age may have to be raised. Sorry, but I didn’t pay into Social Security in order for it to fund ADC, AFDC, Welfare, and all of the various “Social(ist) Programs” that it is now funding. The bulk of the “Boomers’” money has been used to fund a plethora of Social(ist) programs in order to buy the votes of people who, for generations now, have been “dependants of the system”.

In closing, those of you who want to engage in “inter-generational warfare”, you should understand that you’re next.

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