Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Post-Mortem

Aside from the assult on our freedom, and our Constitution represented by this bill, it’s also and economy killer and a job killer.

The more money being represented by government spending, is less money in the private sector, which is where the fate of the economy really lies. The government can’t bring more money into the economy, as the private sector can, it can only remove it.

So, what about these “Government Jobs”? (Disclaimer, my wife works for the Federal Government) Well, suppose, just for argument’s sake, you have a government job, paying $40K and your taxes, again, for argument’s sake are 15%. In essence, you are paying the government back $6K, but where does the other $32K come from? It comes from the private sector in the form of corporate and individual taxes!

While “government jobs” are great for the individual, they are a huge strain on our economy. The larger the government gets, the more the private sector has to struggle to “grow the economy” in order to afford to pay the ever-increasing tab.

Private unemployment, even by the projections of the White House, will likely be 9%+ for the balance of the year. Businesses are hurting, as are those without jobs (myself included).

So, what about a “Jobs Bill”? Unless it included major tax breaks for businesses, in the interest of “growing the economy” (highly unlikely, given this administation and Congress), it will simply be more $Billions in government money, ignorantly thrown at the problem, thus deepening the deficits, as well as the long-term debt.

What about “Economic Stimulus”? Well, I’ve addressed that here, but, in short, it’s nothing more than new spending, in enormous amounts.

Getting back to the “Health Care Reform Bill”; this is just another $Trillion++ boondoggle that will further burden employers, as well as employees, and will further increase the size and scope of the Federal monster.

The American economy is a resiliant, magnificent machine, but everything has a breaking point. We have doubled the National Debt in just the last year, and what happened last night will substantially increase it.

We are well down the road to economic ruin, our freedoms are under attack, and we have become a nation, in just the last year, that I no longer recognize.

As Iron Fist, a poster on Blogmocracy said, “if you wanted to destroy America, what would you do differently?” The answer is still a resounding “NOTHING”.

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