Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Whiff of Anti-Semitism from Bill Clinton?

In all fairness, it's unclear whether Clinton actually used the words I've emphasized below, or if is just a bit of editorializing on the part of the writer. Either way, it just smells of classic antisemitism which seems to be more prevelent on the Left every day.

Bill Clinton: United States growing more diverse

(AP) - Former President Bill Clinton said Saturday that Americans should be mindful of the nation's changing demographics, which led to the election of Barack Obama as president.

He told an Arab-American audience of 1,000 people that the U.S. is no longer just a black-white country, nor a country that is dominated by Christians and a powerful Jewish minority, given the growing numbers of Muslims, Hindus and other religious groups here.

Clinton said by 2050 the U.S. will no longer have a majority of people with European heritage and that in an interdependent world "this is a very positive thing."

Speaking in a hotel ballroom to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee during its annual convention, Clinton also praised Obama's speech in Cairo, Egypt, that was focused on the Arab world.

The words "powerful Jewsh minority" are a bit alarming since this is exactly how antisemitism was spread in 1930s Europe, and we know how that worked out.

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