Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Has everyone in this country gone lost their minds? There was a time when the garbage that is spewed at DailyKos would have been reviled by ANY decent person, Democrat or Republican (feel free to peruse the comments to see the true face of the left; it’s not pretty). The filth that is allowed to be written on that digital rag is enough to make any reasonable person ill. Freedom of speech is one thing, sedition is another. Yes, I know that sedition is a bit of an antique term, but it seems to be a very modern practice these days, alas.

There was a time when a freak like Ron Paul would have been standing on the corner handing out poorly mimeographed copies of his drivel and promptly dismissed - now he stands on stage as though he's legitimate presidential candidate. The sad part is that in some polls he drawing 5% and that's far too much for the madness he's peddling.

There was a time when a State Senator like Barack Obama would never have been elected to the US Senate, much less be a serious presidential candidate scarcely 3 years later. And that's just speaking of his profound dearth of experience...don't get me started on his far left fantasy politics. No one seems to care whether he has the timber to sit in the Big Chair, he speaks well and he's black and that seems to be good enough. Voting FOR someone because of their race is just as racist as voting AGAINST someone because of their race.

As for Hillary Clinton, if sleeping with the president qualifies you for the job by some sort of weird osmosis, then there should be a number of female candidates in the field. That's aside from the fact that she's another dyed-in-the-wool, unrepentant leftist who's never really done anything, despite her sanctimonious claims to the contrary.

There was a time when George "Darth/Blofeld" Soros would have been seen for the real threat that he is. My God, the man had made billions screwing around with the values of world currency and he's financing the very subversion of the United States. He's like a villain out of a James Bond movie.

There was a time when a group of terrorist thugs like Hamas called the President of the United States "the Anti-Christ", there would be outrage expressed from the Left as well as the Right - now, I fully expect many on the left to publicly agree, and probably vote to increase their stipend. Hugo Chavez called our president "Satan" on the floor of the UN and a steady stream of celebrities rushed to Venezuela to break bread with him. I guess they figured that if the Speaker of the House could go to Syria to suck up to the "chinless one", then any type of loyalty to the US was well out of fashion. There was a time when that was called treason.

There was a time when neither political party would brazenly favor snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as the Democrats STILL favor doing. Their hatred of Bush far outweighs the success of their very nation - for them defeat is victory and victory is defeat. There was a time when that was called being an enemy of the United States.

There was a time when love of country superseded Democrat and Republican, because in the end we were all Americans. It would appear that time has passed.

I read the Gingrich's dissertation that was part of the course that he taught before he became Speaker of the House. One of the points that he made is that a nation can lose it's culture in a single generation. That has stuck in my mind ever since. We carry much of our culture and our history inside of us, building on what came before and expecting our children to build on that. Respect for the past and accepting the knowledge that has been gained from that past, both good and bad, is part of that culture. We write our history on a slate, and expect future generations to add their chapters and the whole of that slate is our culture.

We don't seem to be doing that anymore.

We live in an age when much of what many people believe is fantasy. Schools seem to be more intent on teaching the history that suits their political bias that what actually happened. Too many people get their information about the Kennedy assassination from Oliver Stone movies and their information about 9/11 from crackpot websites and they believe all of this to be true. They know little or nothing about World War II, or even what happened 30 years ago. The gulf that used to exist between fact and fantasy is becoming far too narrow and many of us are simply forgetting our history and this is why we may well be losing our culture.

We are choosing to forget many of the struggles, the victories and the defeats that brought us to this point. I have a feeling that the slate is being wiped clean and our culture is being erased with it, all in the name of “peace”. There is no peace as long as evil exists in this world, and it always will exist. Our only hope is to counterbalance it and to rrender it impotent. Years ago, some very smart men determined that maintaining enormous power in the hands of good men and denying that power to evil men was as close as we could come to lasting peace, at least in terms of the United States. It has worked pretty well in that within the confines of the U.S., life has been placid because no one dared attack us for fear of the consequences.

It seems that we have no taste, in many quarters, for maintaining the enormous power that has protected us for so long and incidentally has protected the world for so long. In certain quarters, within our own country, there are those who feel that relinquishing power is the way toward world peace and some of them are running for president. I believe that to be a mistake of epic proportions and one that cannot easily be corrected once made.

A scant 6 1/2 years after 3,000 innocent American citizens were murdered in the most heinous act of war in our history, it appears that a majority of this country is satisfied to let bygones be bygones, even as new plots are drawn against us. There was a time when that was called capitulation.

An ill wind is already blowing against us and the isolationists and the pacifists-at-any-cost are poised to assume power just as the thick of the storm arrives at our shores.

May God help us.

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