Monday, December 17, 2007

The Best and the Brightest? I don't think so.

Color me unimpressed and more than a little concerned. I feel that I'm in a bad "B" movie that I'm watching while saying to myself "this couldn't really happen", but it is happening. Is this the best we can do?

John McCain: I honor him as a war hero, but I'm not ready to put him in the White House. I've just got some bad vibes there.

Mitt Romney: Doesn't inspire my imagination, he looks too much like a presidential candidate from Central Casting. I'm still thinking about the Morman thing, but I'm willing to listen.

Rudy Giuliani: May well be my own front runner, he's a tough son of a bitch that wants to kill Muslim terrorists and that's my main issue.

Barack Obama: He's black, so what?

Ron Paul: He's creepy and scary and his supporters are even more so.

Fred Thompson: Yeah, he's running...or is he just strolling? Pick up the pace Fred!

Hillary: Yeah, right.

Huckabee: One Arkansas governor as president was already way too much for me, besides he's a populist asshole. I don't like populist assholes and as far as this one goes, the more I think of him, the less I thik of him.

If I've missed anyone, they probably deserved it. We're in a battle for our very civilization and this is the best we can do?

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