Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Some days is feels as though the world is tumbling toward oblivion and this is one of those days. Consider these stories:

Iran Says Nuke Program Is Near Complete
Lovely, an apocalytic madman continues his development of nuclear weapons and the world-at-large has decided that doing nothing is far superior to doing anything. Ahmadinejad is crowing as though he won, I think he did.

Blair - we must work with 'Axis of Evil' states
Before our very eyes, Tony Blair seems to be transforming from Winston Churchill to Neville Chamberlain. He seems to think that a "partnership" with Iran and Syria is the key to peace in Iraq and the greater middle-east. Yeah Neville, er, Tony, that'll work.

Iran plotting to groom bin Laden's successor
Yes, the same Iran that is developing nuclear weapons. Behold your new partner in peace, Mr. Blair.

Al-Qaida plotting nuclear attack on UK, officials warn
Let's see, Iran is developing nukes and his looking to groom the new head of Al-Qaida and Al-Qaida is plotting a nuke attack in the UK. Does the phrase "connect the dots" come to mind?

Netanyahu: It's 1938 and Iran is Germany; Ahmadinejad is preparing another Holocaust
Well, at least someone gets it. Unfortunately, I question if anyone is listening.

Meanwhile, Americans have decided to hand control if the Legislative Branch of our government over to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Murtha and company. Swept into office on a platform of "we're not Bush", they are well on the way to finding a way to keep their promise.

The White House looks as though they have sensed a winning strategy and is experimenting with the "we're not Bush" approach as well. The President chucked Rumsfeld and has been huddled up with something called the Iraq Study Group - a collection of high-profile has-beens who, it could be argued, layed the groundwork for many of the problems that we now face.

Perhaps the President has just temporarily vacated the spotlight so as to allow the Democrats their moment in the sun, or to allow them to show their true colors. Perhaps the Iraq Study Group will conclude that the Iraq war must be concluded with no less than an unqualified victory, thus bolstering the President's position. These are the things that I would like to think but alas, I am not filled with optimism.

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